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The Psychology of High Self-Esteem

By Nathaniel Branden
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Category: Mind & Body
5 hours 31 minutes


A Life Changing Program for Personal Growth!

How you feel about yourself crucially affects virtually every aspect of your life, especially how high in life you are likely to rise. It is also the key to understanding yourself and others

In this outstanding audio program, the pioneering psychotherapist, Dr Nathaniel Branden, details for you — in easy-to-understand language — the action,... Read More

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Chapter 1: The Importance of Self-Esteem AND Self-Concept is Destiny

- 49 minutes

Chapter 2: The Question of Selfishness AND Living Consciously

- 43 minutes

Chapter 3: Self-Acceptance

- 58 minutes

Chapter 4: Assessing Behavior: Liberation from Guilt

- 41 minutes

Chapter 5: Integrating Our Younger Selves

- 42 minutes

Chapter 6: Living Responsibly and Authentically

- 50 minutes

Chapter 7: Nurturing the Self-Esteem of Others AND The Difference It Makes

- 54 minutes