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Speak with Power

By Michael Gelb
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Category: Skill Building
6 hours 55 minutes


Speak with Power and deliver confident and memorable speeches every time!

In boardrooms, classrooms and living rooms across the country, presentations are designed and delivered in a way that disregards the one tool needed to communicate ideas effectively: the human brain
And now the ability to give a powerful, informative, and engaging presentation is within your reach!

Free Preview

Chapter 1: The Heart of Effective Presentations

- 31 minutes

Chapter 2: Effectively Targeting Your Message

- 26 minutes

Chapter 3: PROPAR: Integrating Understanding and Recall

- 38 minutes

Chapter 4: Influencing Audience Recall

- 21 minutes

Chapter 5: Mind Mapping Your Creative Alternative

- 38 minutes

Chapter 6: Creating a Brain-Nourishing Environment

- 34 minutes

Chapter 7: Taking Command and Transforming Fears

- 37 minutes

Chapter 8: Developing Articulate Body Language

- 33 minutes

Chapter 9: Synchronizing Your Body and Message

- 28 minutes

Chapter 10: Making Each Presentation the Best Yet

- 27 minutes

Chapter 11: Valuable Answers to Common Questions

- 20 minutes

Chapter 12: The Purpose of Presentation

- 17 minutes

Chapter 13: The Powerful Characteristics of Great Communicators

- 1 hours 14 minutes

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