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Sales Magic

By Kerry Johnson
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Category: Business & Sales
4 hours 53 minutes


The New Technology of Power Selling!

Master the New Technology of Exceptional Selling!

Why is it so important to listen to clients rather than pitch them? What does it really mean when a client breaks eye contact with you? How should you alter your approach when selling to an "auditory" (as opposed to a "visual" or a "kinesthetic") client?

In Sales Magic, you'll discover how to actually... Read More

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Chapter 1: How Sales Magic Works

- 32 minutes

Chapter 2: Tapping into the Visual

- 27 minutes

Chapter 3: The Auditories

- 23 minutes

Chapter 4: The Kinesthetics

- 26 minutes

Chapter 5: Establishing Rapport with Every Prospect and Client

- 55 minutes

Chapter 6: Understanding Leading and Pacing

- 30 minutes

Chapter 7: Anchoring

- 18 minutes

Chapter 8: Knowing What Your Prospect Really Wants

- 47 minutes

Chapter 9: Turning Every Objection into a Sale

- 20 minutes

Chapter 10: Making the Magic Work for You Consistently

- 21 minutes