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Secrets of the Universe

By Wayne Dyer
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Category: Success & Motivation
3 hours 29 minutes


Truly Cherish the Gift of Life

You begin to understand that there are no accidents in the universe You learn to look beyond what everyone else seesYou'll witness impressive changes in your life - changes brought about by tapping into the secrets of the universe as revealed in this program to you through an imaginary encounter between an Earthling and a citizen of the planet Uranus
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Chapter 1: A New Way to Look at the World

- 19 minutes

Chapter 2: The Greatest Priority in Life

- 17 minutes

Chapter 3: You Are Unique in the Universe

- 21 minutes

Chapter 4: Life is a Miracle

- 16 minutes

Chapter 5: The Magic in Every Moment

- 18 minutes

Chapter 6: The Guide Within You

- 16 minutes

Chapter 7: Living at the Highest Level

- 19 minutes

Chapter 8: Your Dreams Are Your Direction

- 18 minutes

Chapter 9: Be a DO-er, Not a Critic

- 19 minutes

Chapter 10: These are the Good Old Days

- 35 minutes

Chapter 11: Living the Greatest Secret

- 18 minutes