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It's All Within Your Reach

By Michael Wickett
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Category: Success & Motivation
4 hours 28 minutes


Dare to Dream BIG Dreams

Yes, dare to dream big dreams!

And more importantly, turn those dreams into reality
We all have dreams and aspirations But for many, they go unfulfilled When you listen to Michael’s infectious enthusiasm, you’ll discover the magnet that attracts positive people and opportunities You’ll learn the seven steps to creating more energy, and you’ll be able to... Read More

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Chapter 1: A New Vision

- 26 minutes

Chapter 2: Making Your Vision a Reality

- 26 minutes

Chapter 3: Building Self-Esteem

- 45 minutes

Chapter 4: Welcoming Adventure

- 25 minutes

Chapter 5: The Rewards of Risk Taking

- 26 minutes

Chapter 6: Choosing Acceptance over Resistance

- 18 minutes

Chapter 7: Accepting Yourself and Others

- 21 minutes

Chapter 8: The Power of Gratitude

- 41 minutes

Chapter 9: Developing True Enthusiasm

- 22 minutes

Chapter 10: The Magic of Enthusiasm

- 27 minutes