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Putting Your Creative Genius to Work

By Michael Gelb
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Category: Skill Building
6 hours 19 minutes


Sharpen and intensify your mind power! Unleash Your Inner Creative Genius!

Your brain was designed by millions of years of evolution to be the most profoundly powerful creative thinking mechanism in known creation. You’ll thrive in a perpetually changing world by reaching new heights of creativity, memory, and problem solving More importantly, you’ll learn how to apply your ideas... Read More

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Chapter 1: A New Renaissance

- 37 minutes

Chapter 2: The Secret to a Good Memory

- 28 minutes

Chapter 3: The Power of Creative Visualization

- 31 minutes

Chapter 4: Learning: The Art of Play

- 29 minutes

Chapter 5: How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci

- 32 minutes

Chapter 6: Embracing Change with Synvergent Thinking

- 33 minutes

Chapter 7: Five Phases of Creative Problem Solving (Part 1)

- 30 minutes

Chapter 8: Five Phases of Creative Problem Solving (Part 2)

- 35 minutes

Chapter 9: A Synvergent Approach to Fitness

- 35 minutes

Chapter 10: The Seven Principles of the Alexander Technique

- 28 minutes

Chapter 11: Becoming a Creativity Coach

- 31 minutes

Chapter 12: An Interview with Michael Gelb

- 38 minutes

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