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How to Handle Conflict and Manage Anger

By Denis Waitley
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Category: Skill Building
4 hours 33 minutes


Life is too complex for anyone to expect to exist in a perennial state of harmony and bliss
They can often be opportunities for developing new skills, furthering personal improvement and growing toward full potential But you must take advantage of them

Because of lifelong beliefs that conflict and anger are “bad” reactions to be avoided or merely survived, few of us have learned to... Read More

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Chapter 1: Understanding Conflict and Anger

- 27 minutes

Chapter 2: Maintaining Your Self-Control

- 25 minutes

Chapter 3: Myths and Facts about Anger and Conflict

- 23 minutes

Chapter 4: Who Owns the Problem?

- 21 minutes

Chapter 5: Conflict: Danger and Opportunity

- 23 minutes

Chapter 6: Your Conflict Management Style

- 18 minutes

Chapter 7: The Dynamics of Conflict

- 25 minutes

Chapter 8: Learning to Work as A Team

- 22 minutes

Chapter 9: Combating Control and Harassment

- 24 minutes

Chapter 10: Negotiating a Solution

- 20 minutes

Chapter 11: Handling Outer and Inner Conflict

- 21 minutes

Chapter 12: Taking Care of Yourself

- 27 minutes

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