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Seeds of Greatness

By Denis Waitley
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Category: Success & Motivation
5 hours 11 minutes


Nurture your greatness

Plant the Seeds of Greatness in Your Own Life!

In Seeds of Greatness, Denis Waitley shows you how to nurture the greatness within you and gives you a system that allows you to do in months what many psychologists take years to accomplish
He allows for introspection at the end of each session that let’s you do some true soul searching and gives you an action plan... Read More

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Chapter 1: Self-Appraisal: From Self-Love to Self-Worth

- 31 minutes

Chapter 2: How to Master It

- 27 minutes

Chapter 3: Responsibility: We Become What We Do

- 27 minutes

Chapter 4: Wisdom: Living

- 27 minutes

Chapter 5: Purpose: The Gold Mine in Your Goals

- 28 minutes

Chapter 6: Communication: Reach Out and Touch Someone

- 25 minutes

Chapter 7: Faith: The Power of Positive Believing

- 26 minutes

Chapter 8: Adaptability: Turn Problems into Opportunities

- 27 minutes

Chapter 9: Perseverance: The Will to Win Everything

- 25 minutes

Chapter 10: Perspective: To Be a Star Thrower

- 25 minutes

Chapter 11: Renewal and Commitment: Part One

- 20 minutes

Chapter 12: Renewal and Commitment: Part Two

- 31 minutes

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