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The Zero Point

By Joe Vitale
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Category: Spiritual Growth
5 hours 42 minutes


Let Dr. Joe Vitale guide you into the realm of limitless possibilities that begins at... The Zero Point! Imagine that in any moment — every moment — you could receive pure, direct, unfiltered information from God/Source/the Divine on the best action to take, the absolute right thing to do, the most beneficial choice to make. After 30+ years of study and practice, Dr. Joe Vitale has arrived in... Read More

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Chapter 1: The Miracle of Authentic Ho'oponopono

- 1 hours 0 minutes

Chapter 2: Applying the Law of Zero

- 50 minutes

Chapter 3: Going to the Deeper Levels of Ho'oponopono

- 54 minutes

Chapter 4: Advanced Zero Clearing and Cleaning Methods

- 50 minutes

Chapter 5: Living from the Zero Point

- 59 minutes

Chapter 6: Clearing and Cleaning Exercises for a Zero Point Life without Limits

- 36 minutes

Chapter 7: Bonus: Clearing and Cleaning for Relaxation and Sleep

- 33 minutes

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