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The Temple of Rejuvenation

By Luanne Oakes
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Category: Spiritual Growth
8 hours 3 minutes


Attract peace, power, & plenty in all the forms you most desire! Uplift and re-create your entire being so you can begin anew! If you want to think, feel, and live at your highest and best, it is critical that you restore and revitalize yourself on a regular basis. Included in this powerful system are eight CDs, each containing carefully designed codes and vibrations which synthesize ancient... Read More

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Chapter 1: The Real Secret of the Universe

- 1 hours 13 minutes

Chapter 2: Your Biology and the Temple of Rejuvenation Process

- 1 hours 6 minutes

Chapter 3: Perceptions and Beliefs: Their Effect on Your Temple of Rejuvenation

- 1 hours 8 minutes

Chapter 4: Resonance and the Crystalline Language

- 1 hours 8 minutes

Chapter 5: Manifesting Peace, Power, and Plenty

- 50 minutes

Chapter 6: Living Responsibly and Authentically in the Temple of Rejuvenation

- 23 minutes

Chapter 7: Visualization Induction

- 1 hours 5 minutes

Chapter 8: The Jade Wu Lifeforce

- 1 hours 9 minutes