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The Performance Zone

By Kenneth Baum
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Category: Mind & Body
4 hours 59 minutes


Getting fit is hard work. Fad diets, expensive exercise equipment, and new pills make keeping a balanced lifestyle harder than ever. It's easy to see why so many people fall victim to the promises offered by these "miracle programs". Instant results may tempt us, but the people who maintain optimal fitness levels are those who change their habits permanently. Now, you can have a complete health... Read More

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Chapter 1: You Are Unique- Tapping into Your Power Within

- 32 minutes

Chapter 2: The Right Diet- Does It Really Exist?

- 21 minutes

Chapter 3: Metabolism 101- What Happens When You Eat

- 22 minutes

Chapter 4: Determining Your Personal Performance Zone

- 18 minutes

Chapter 5: Nutritional Supplements- Should You?

- 26 minutes

Chapter 6: Attitude- Your Most Priceless Possession

- 28 minutes

Chapter 7: The Power of Breath

- 25 minutes

Chapter 8: Performance Talk- Saying is Believing

- 21 minutes

Chapter 9: The Seven Energy Movements

- 30 minutes

Chapter 10: Balanced Body, Balanced Mind

- 26 minutes

Chapter 11: The Maximum You - Creating a Compelling Future

- 25 minutes

Chapter 12: Action Plan- Living Your Personal Performance Zone

- 25 minutes