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The Psychology of Success

By Brian Tracy
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Category: Success & Motivation
4 hours 1 minutes


A blueprint for peak performance and high achievement. Success is no accident, its a skill that can be learned by anyone, at any stage of the game.

But you need a strategy You need a master plan to follow With the help of Brian Tracy’s Psychology of Success, you can design the blueprints of your own success.

True success requires an earnest commitment to become excellent at everything you... Read More

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Chapter 1: The Psychology of Success

- 33 minutes

Chapter 2: The Psychology of Failure

- 21 minutes

Chapter 3: The Principle of Purpose

- 29 minutes

Chapter 4: The Principle of Excellence

- 23 minutes

Chapter 5: The Principle of Responsibility

- 18 minutes

Chapter 6: The Principle of Service

- 17 minutes

Chapter 7: The Principle of Concentration

- 14 minutes

Chapter 8: The Principle of Cooperation

- 15 minutes

Chapter 9: The Principle of Creativity

- 18 minutes

Chapter 10: The Principle of Self-Development

- 20 minutes

Chapter 11: The Principle of Integrity

- 18 minutes

Chapter 12: The Principle of Courage

- 22 minutes