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Stop Searching and Start Living

By Hans Christian King
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Category: Spiritual Growth
5 hours 59 minutes


Manifesting the life you were born to live It seems everyone today is trying to be happier, healthier, more successful, and fulfilled. Yet studies indicate that an overwhelming majority of people still claim they are not living the lives they want. According to renowned spiritual medium and psychic Hans Christian King, the problem isn't that true fulfillment is impossible. People are simply... Read More

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Chapter 1: You Write Your Own Script

- 39 minutes

Chapter 2: Trust That Spirit Hears You

- 28 minutes

Chapter 3: Learning to Communicate with Spirit

- 25 minutes

Chapter 4: A Revolutionary New Way to Pray

- 21 minutes

Chapter 5: Seeing with Childlike Wisdom

- 32 minutes

Chapter 6: Experience Being in the Now

- 32 minutes

Chapter 7: The Illusion of Pain and Suffering

- 34 minutes

Chapter 8: Money Doesn't Grow on Trees, or Does It?

- 30 minutes

Chapter 9: Opening the Door to Your Dreams

- 26 minutes

Chapter 10: Unwavering Conviction Is Key

- 22 minutes

Chapter 11: Reincarnation, Karma, and Free Will

- 31 minutes

Chapter 12: Choosing to Be Your Own Best Friend

- 37 minutes