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Spiritual Practices for A Powerful Brain

By Andrew Newberg
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Category: Mind & Body
5 hours 34 minutes


Discover why God is good for your brain! Tap the power of the God-brain connection! Recent studies at the cutting edge of neuroscience have proven a startling connection between spirituality and cognitive function. In short: Under certain circumstances, spiritual practice can make your brain DRAMATICALLY more powerful. Drawing on what he discovered about the "God-brain connection" during his... Read More

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Chapter 1: Looking at Popular Spiritual Practices

- 1 hours 9 minutes

Chapter 2: Spirituality's Effects on the Brain

- 54 minutes

Chapter 3: Spirituality's Effect on Mental Health

- 52 minutes

Chapter 4: How Beliefs Affect Your Brain

- 50 minutes

Chapter 5: Spiritually Exercising Your Brain

- 45 minutes

Chapter 6: Specific Practices for a Powerful Brain

- 1 hours 4 minutes

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