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The Living Faith Series

By Bill Hybels, Haddon Robinson, Luis Palau, D. James Kennedy, Stuart Briscoe, OS Guinness, Ravi Zacharias
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Category: Spiritual Growth
5 hours 28 minutes


The Living Faith Series is designed to help you meet the challenges of modern living and integrate the teachings of Christ into your everyday life, so you can grow into His likeness. Dick Staub will give you tools to turn your new understanding into action by showing you how to connect with the culture around you.

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Chapter 1: Bill Hybels - The Mystery of Unanswered Prayers

- 40 minutes

Chapter 2: Luis Palau - Go to the Ends of the Earth!

- 34 minutes

Chapter 3: Bill Hybels - Christianity 101

- 36 minutes

Chapter 4: Haddon Robinson - Don't Doubt God's Goodness

- 35 minutes

Chapter 5: Os Guinness - A Faith That Functions

- 25 minutes

Chapter 6: Ravi Zacharias - If the Foundation Be Destroyed

- 42 minutes

Chapter 7: Stuart Briscoe - Why Christ Had to Die

- 41 minutes

Chapter 8: D. James Kennedy - Message from an Empty Tomb

- 33 minutes

Chapter 9: Bill Hybels - Understanding the New Age Movement

- 42 minutes