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Control from Within

By Wayne Dyer
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Category: Health, Weight-Loss, Nutrition
3 hours 2 minutes


A Nine-Step Program to Stop Smoking
Wayne Dyer knows how to make the magic in life work for him, and you can make it work for you, too, if you follow the techniques he talks about in this program. Dr. Dyer shows you how to take advantage of the whole range of human experience. He says, "Anything that any human being can do, has ever done, or ever will be able to do, you're capable of doing."... Read More

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Chapter 1: Taking Control

- 21 minutes

Chapter 2: Understanding Addiction

- 22 minutes

Chapter 3: Visualizing Health

- 23 minutes

Chapter 4: Using Inner Power

- 22 minutes

Chapter 5: Self-Directed Living

- 20 minutes

Chapter 6: Thinking Well

- 24 minutes

Chapter 7: Moving into Light

- 22 minutes

Chapter 8: Decreasing Attachments

- 27 minutes