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The Power of Clarity

By Brian Tracy
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Category: Skill Building
6 hours 36 minutes


Focus and concentrate in every key area of your life in order to achieve maximum results.. We are living today in perhaps the very best time in all of human history. There have never been more opportunities and possibilities for more people to accomplish more of their goals than exist right now. The level of affluence has never been higher, the average life span has never been longer, the number... Read More

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Chapter 1: Unlock Your Full Potential

- 50 minutes

Chapter 2: Double Your Productivity

- 24 minutes

Chapter 3: Simplify Your Life

- 25 minutes

Chapter 4: Tap Into Your Most Precious Resource

- 45 minutes

Chapter 5: Practice Personal Strategic Planning

- 29 minutes

Chapter 6: Supercharge Your Business and Career

- 31 minutes

Chapter 7: Improve Your Family and Personal Life

- 28 minutes

Chapter 8: Achieve Complete Financial Independence

- 28 minutes

Chapter 9: Enjoy Superb All-Around Health and Fitness

- 21 minutes

Chapter 10: Become Everything You Are Capable of Becoming

- 29 minutes

Chapter 11: Make a Difference In Your Community

- 21 minutes

Chapter 12: Spiritual Development and Inner Peace

- 29 minutes

Chapter 13: Focal Point in the Real World: An Interview with Brian Tracy

- 36 minutes