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Prime Thinking Skills

By Carl Aylen
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Category: Skill Building
7 hours 6 minutes


Discover your personal combination lock that will reveal the easiest, most productive, and most powerful path to success for you! Develop the Thinking Skills to Overcome Life's Toughest Challenges "What is the secret to success?" "How can I become a successful person?" "What separates successful people from everybody else?" You've probably asked these questions from time to time over the course... Read More

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Chapter 1: The Three Conditions for Success

- 40 minutes

Chapter 2: Getting Started on the Path to Self-Motivation

- 27 minutes

Chapter 3: Grasping Your Own Thinking Style

- 39 minutes

Chapter 4: Perceptual Modeling

- 35 minutes

Chapter 5: The Risk-Perception and Self-Confidence Lenses

- 37 minutes

Chapter 6: The Self-Confidence Lenses (Continued)

- 35 minutes

Chapter 7: Guiding Self-Dialogue

- 35 minutes

Chapter 8: Guiding Self-Dialogue (Continued)

- 32 minutes

Chapter 9: How Your Personality Influences Your Success

- 38 minutes

Chapter 10: How Compensatory Traits Develop

- 34 minutes

Chapter 11: Using Prime Thinking Skills One-on-One

- 35 minutes

Chapter 12: Interacting in Groups

- 40 minutes