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How to Build Your Child's Self-Esteem

By Denis Waitley
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Category: Success & Motivation
4 hours 49 minutes


It's Never Too Early To Start! You want your children strong and confident, especially in the face of life's adversities. You want them to feel a sense of responsibility-a desire to do the right thing without having to be told what to do. Denis Waitley can help you and your children achieve the goals of self-confidence and self-esteem. In How to Build Your Child's Self-Esteem, he clearly... Read More

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Chapter 1: Children Live What They Learn

- 33 minutes

Chapter 2: The Masks We Wear

- 22 minutes

Chapter 3: The Four Cornerstones of Self-Esteem

- 19 minutes

Chapter 4: How Parents' Self-Esteems Affects Children

- 18 minutes

Chapter 5: How to Build Healthy Self-Esteem

- 25 minutes

Chapter 6: How to Develop Responsibility

- 24 minutes

Chapter 7: How to Discipline with Love

- 23 minutes

Chapter 8: Do's and Don'ts of Discipline

- 19 minutes

Chapter 9: Television's Impact on Children

- 21 minutes

Chapter 10: Optimism and Persistence in Action

- 30 minutes

Chapter 11: How to Nurture Creativity

- 23 minutes

Chapter 12: How to Motivate a Winner

- 32 minutes