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Emotional Mastery

By Gerald Epstein
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Category: Mind & Body
4 hours 53 minutes


Transform the energy of any distressing emotion in just one minute! Take charge of your emotions so they don’t take charge of you! Mastering your emotions allows you to face any circumstance and use it in a way that benefits you. It literally changes the course of your life. In Emotional Mastery: Life Transformation Through Higher Consciousness, Dr. Gerald Epstein introduces a collection of... Read More

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Chapter 1: The Deregulation of Life

- 34 minutes

Chapter 2: Restoring Balance with the Dis-Emergency State

- 19 minutes

Chapter 3: The Next Step: A New Spiritual Science of Emotional Healing

- 22 minutes

Chapter 4: Reining in the Will and Coming Back to the Alliance

- 24 minutes

Chapter 5: The Yes or No Phenomenon: The Power to Choose

- 22 minutes

Chapter 6: Moving from 'Coldhearted' to 'Warmhearted'

- 23 minutes

Chapter 7: Concentration Without Effort

- 21 minutes

Chapter 8: Life Like the Blue Zone People

- 22 minutes

Chapter 9: Connecting with Conscience and Inner Wisdom for Healing

- 26 minutes

Chapter 10: Three Tools for Emotional Mastery: Beliefs, Life Planning, Chanting

- 24 minutes

Chapter 11: The 10 Cosmic Laws for Emotional Mastery

- 28 minutes

Chapter 12: Imagery Exercises for Specific Emotional Issues

- 27 minutes

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