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By Peter Cohan
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Category: Business & Sales
7 hours 3 minutes


Accounts of fortunes made, sometimes overnight, make the idea of starting or getting involved in an Internet related business a very tempting proposition. The hype and hysteria surrounding many on-line companies and their public offerings make many people wonder: is this Internet phenomenon for real? What are the pros and cons of getting involved in e-commerce? How can I ride out the ups and... Read More

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Chapter 1: Introduction to E-Profits - What's in it for You

- 45 minutes

Chapter 2: Getting your E-Commerce Business Started

- 36 minutes

Chapter 3: High Payoff E-Commerce Applications

- 39 minutes

Chapter 4: How E-Commerce Creates Competitive Advantage for You

- 31 minutes

Chapter 5: Managing Your Transition to E-Commerce

- 27 minutes

Chapter 6: Successful Strategies for Web Design and Content

- 31 minutes

Chapter 7: Building Your E-Commerce Infrastructure

- 38 minutes

Chapter 8: Marketing Your E-Commerce Business

- 26 minutes

Chapter 9: Leading and Sustaining the Charge to E-Commerce

- 36 minutes

Chapter 10: Negotiating Deals & Managing Implementation

- 38 minutes

Chapter 11: Investment Strategies in E-Commerce

- 27 minutes

Chapter 12: Financial Evaluation and Future Profitability

- 27 minutes

Chapter 13: E-Profits Bonus Session

- 24 minutes

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E-Profits E-Commerce Strategy