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Creating Demand

By Rick Ott
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Category: Business & Sales
5 hours 43 minutes


Magically influence people's subconscious minds -- and command them to buy from YOU! Magically enter people’s subconscious minds—and command them to buy from YOU! What is really going on in a person’s mind that causes him or her to choose one product or service over another one to buy? How can you cut through the barrage of messages and information that customers receive every day to make... Read More

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Chapter 1: The Four Things People Really Want

- 37 minutes

Chapter 2: The Four Factors that will Magnetize Your Marketing

- 32 minutes

Chapter 3: Getting Your Customers into Decision Making Mode

- 29 minutes

Chapter 4: Triggering the Purchase Decisions

- 28 minutes

Chapter 5: Achieving Top-of-Mind Awareness for Your Product or Service

- 27 minutes

Chapter 6: Widening the Appeal of Your Product or Service

- 26 minutes

Chapter 7: Leveraging Demand: How to Turn Customers into Persuaders

- 30 minutes

Chapter 8: How to Magically Attract People to Your Product, Service, or Company

- 27 minutes

Chapter 9: Causing Demand to Spread on its Own

- 27 minutes

Chapter 10: Impacting Customers Even When They Are Not Paying Attention

- 24 minutes

Chapter 11: Doubling the Effectiveness of Your Advertising at No Additional Cost

- 24 minutes

Chapter 12: Sustaining and Growing Demand

- 32 minutes

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