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Communication Mastery

By Tony Jeary
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Category: Skill Building
5 hours 48 minutes


Communicate the 'Perfect Message' with every action you take! We've all heard the time-tested truth "Who you are speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you're saying." Yet it is equally true that people's perception of who you are is controlled by dozens of small actions that you take every day. How quickly you return emails and phone calls, how you dress, the manner in which you speak and listen,... Read More

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Chapter 1: Life is a Series of Presentations

- 53 minutes

Chapter 2: 20 Components to Help You Deliver Your Perfect Message

- 52 minutes

Chapter 3: The Branding Matrix for Communication Mastery

- 44 minutes

Chapter 4: The IPRESENT Model for Delivering the Perfect Message

- 43 minutes

Chapter 5: Defining Your Presentation Universe with Communication Mastery

- 37 minutes

Chapter 6: Delivering Your Perfect Message

- 43 minutes

Chapter 7: The 12 Communication Mastery Principles of Persuasion and Influence

- 36 minutes

Chapter 8: Nontraditional Methods for Your Communication Mastery Arsenal

- 38 minutes