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What Do You Really Want for Your Children

By Wayne Dyer
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Category: Success & Motivation
4 hours 12 minutes


Get the Best for Your Kids! Questioning thousands of parents and educators, Dr.Wayne Dyer learned firsthand what people really want for their children. They don’t particularly want their kids to go to fancy schools, acquire riches or live "the good life." They do want them to have personal integrity and high self-esteem, and to grow up with love and peace in their hearts. Children raised the... Read More

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Chapter 1: To Learn Self-Parenting

- 24 minutes

Chapter 2: To Have High Self-Esteem

- 22 minutes

Chapter 3: To Be Risk-Takers

- 20 minutes

Chapter 4: To Be Stree-Free

- 21 minutes

Chapter 5: To Have Peaceful Lives

- 17 minutes

Chapter 6: To Be Disciplined

- 18 minutes

Chapter 7: To Celebrate Present Moments

- 16 minutes

Chapter 8: To Live a Life of Wellness

- 19 minutes

Chapter 9: To Be Creative

- 20 minutes

Chapter 10: To Feel a Sense of Purpose

- 18 minutes

Chapter 11: Dr. Dyer Answers Parents

- 17 minutes

Chapter 12: Dr. Dyer Answers Parents (cont'd)

- 39 minutes