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The Power of No

By Jim Camp
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Category: Business & Sales
5 hours 0 minutes


Fearlessly ask for what you want and easily get it in any negotiation using the power of NO! Discover the secret world of systematic negotiation It’s a simple fact: You are negotiating, or being negotiated with, all the time. If you’re not actively participating in that process — or if you’re using the old, ineffective guidelines and strategies we were all raised with — then you’re... Read More

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Chapter 1: The New Rules of Negotiating

- 1 hours 2 minutes

Chapter 2: The Fuel to the Negotiating System

- 56 minutes

Chapter 3: The Structure of the Negotiating System

- 48 minutes

Chapter 4: Secrets of the Jim Camp Negotiating System

- 51 minutes

Chapter 5: The Neuroscience Behind the Negotiation

- 43 minutes

Chapter 6: Self-Management for Negotiating Success

- 40 minutes

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