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The 11th Element

By Bob Scheinfeld
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Category: Success & Motivation
6 hours 19 minutes


Take control of the invisible, little-known force that shapes your success Your wealth, career, and achievements are all shaped by a powerful set of unseen, rarely discussed forces known as the "11th Element." Many of the richest people in the world have quietly used the 11th Element to unleash an avalanche of prosperity and potential in their lives. As they've discovered, this mysterious and... Read More

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Chapter 1: Networking with the Ultimate Inside Contact

- 37 minutes

Chapter 2: The Invisible Network That Connects Us All

- 26 minutes

Chapter 3: Tapping into the 11th Element

- 26 minutes

Chapter 4: Blowing the Roof Off/The Rules of the Game

- 28 minutes

Chapter 5: Guidelines for Crafting Your Request for Help

- 32 minutes

Chapter 6: Turbocharging Your Engines

- 26 minutes

Chapter 7: Making the Jump to Warp Speed: Your Outcome Begins to Manifest

- 28 minutes

Chapter 8: Making the Jump to Warp Speed: Those Who've Made the Jump

- 28 minutes

Chapter 9: Element Principles: Master Biography Files

- 32 minutes

Chapter 10: Master Biography Files in Business/When to Hold and When to Fold

- 29 minutes

Chapter 11: How to Be Rich: Mixing in the Right Proportion

- 24 minutes

Chapter 12: How to Be Rich: Your Marching Orders

- 28 minutes

Chapter 13: Building a Relationship with Your Inner CEO

- 34 minutes

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Advanced Master Biography File Management Tools

The Answer to the Most Important Question You'll Ever Ask