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Love is Letting Go of Fear

By Gerald Jampolsky M.D.
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Category: Mind & Body
3 hours 48 minutes


Radiate Love and Happiness With Everything You Do! A Physician Who Heals by Helping Others Banish Fear! Is fear holding you back from the things you desire to achieve in life? Would you like better relationships that are filled with love and encouragement? Would you like to rid yourself of toxic emotions that are preventing you from being what God has meant you to become? In Love Is Letting Go of... Read More

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Chapter 1: Preparing for a Personal Transformation

- 36 minutes

Chapter 2: Removing the Inner Blocks

- 32 minutes

Chapter 3: Ingredients for Personal Transformation

- 22 minutes

Chapter 4: Shifting Your Perceptions

- 23 minutes

Chapter 5: Exchange Your Beliefs

- 26 minutes

Chapter 6: Themes to Live By

- 24 minutes

Chapter 7: More Lessons in Love

- 29 minutes

Chapter 8: Release from the Past

- 35 minutes

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Love is Letting Go of Fear - Positive Re-enforcement Cards