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Living Rich by Spending Smart

By Greg Karp
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Category: Wealth Building
3 hours 32 minutes


Insider secrets that save you hundreds of dollars! Start saving piles of cash today with more than 100 instant-implement ideas! Benjamin Franklin got it wrong … … when he said, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Because today, in the era of punishing income taxes, the money that stays in your pocket and your bank account is worth far more. In fact, most first-generation millionaires would... Read More

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Chapter 1: You Have Met the Enemy and It Is You!

- 1 hours 6 minutes

Chapter 2: Strategies for Spending Smart

- 53 minutes

Chapter 3: How to Stay Away from Financial Foolishness

- 52 minutes

Chapter 4: Living Rich by Spending Smart in Action!

- 41 minutes