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Freedom Through Higher Awareness

By Wayne Dyer
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Category: Spiritual Growth
5 hours 57 minutes


Experience True Bliss and Abundant Happiness “The way to freedom is to awaken your dormant, divine energy, and let it guide your life.”— Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Each of us has two “aspects” within us. One is the ego; the other is the higher or spiritual self. The ego, which protects and enhances our physical self, is too often the dominant power. It drives our career ambitions and many of our... Read More

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Chapter 1: Your Life's Greatest Challenge

- 31 minutes

Chapter 2: A New Definition of Freedom

- 32 minutes

Chapter 3: Facing a New Direction

- 32 minutes

Chapter 4: Embracing Higher Awareness

- 30 minutes

Chapter 5: Erasing Your Personal History

- 34 minutes

Chapter 6: Erasing Your Personal History (cont'd)

- 29 minutes

Chapter 7: Banishing the Doubt

- 30 minutes

Chapter 8: Cultivating the Witness

- 26 minutes

Chapter 9: Shutting Down the Inner Dialogue

- 24 minutes

Chapter 10: Taming the Ego

- 28 minutes

Chapter 11: Resolving the Conflicts Between Ego & Spirit

- 28 minutes

Chapter 12: Choosing Love and Purity

- 34 minutes