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Beyond Goals

By Roger Dawson
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Category: Success & Motivation
5 hours 44 minutes


Climb your way to super achievement! Never resting on their laurels and always moving on to their next goal, people become super-achievers only when they believe that good enough isn't good enough for them. These are the personality types that get everything they want out of life. In Beyond Goals, Roger Dawson shares the life-changing results of his research into the lives of super-achievers. He... Read More

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Chapter 1: Learning to Go Beyond Goals

- 31 minutes

Chapter 2: Knowing Your Drive Life Force

- 32 minutes

Chapter 3: How to Be Enthusiastic

- 30 minutes

Chapter 4: The Magic of Behavior Shaping

- 25 minutes

Chapter 5: The Principles of Behavior Shaping

- 29 minutes

Chapter 6: The Vocabulary of Behavior Shaping

- 31 minutes

Chapter 7: Using Behavior Shaping to Overcome Fear

- 29 minutes

Chapter 8: Examining Ways to Change Other's Behavior

- 25 minutes

Chapter 9: Four Improved Ways to Change Other's Behavior

- 25 minutes

Chapter 10: Predicting How Others Will React

- 26 minutes

Chapter 11: Determining What Motivates the Other Person

- 26 minutes

Chapter 12: Nine Steps to a Self-Directed Life

- 36 minutes

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