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Jumpstart Course with Brendon Burchard & Dean Graziosi

By Brendon Burchard
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Category: Skill Building
1 hours 30 minutes


One of the biggest factors when it comes to someone succeeding vs someone not succeeding is simply taking that first step to get into the game. Gaining the confidence to step off the sidelines and say THIS IS MY TIME! That's where this course comes into play. This course is designed to give you the confidence to take action towards your dreams!

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Chapter 1: Define What You Want

- 19 minutes

Chapter 2: Beat Back Those Fears

- 11 minutes

Chapter 3: How Do You Kill Procrastination

- 16 minutes

Chapter 4: What's It Take To Get Off The Sidelines?

- 44 minutes

PDF Documents

Jumpstart Workbook

Define What You Want Worksheet

Beat Back Those Fears Worksheet