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Creating a Powerful Presence

By Bert Decker
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Category: Success & Motivation
6 hours 9 minutes


Create messages that motivate

In today’s climate of high-velocity change, you can’t get the results you want alone

Let communication expert Bert Decker be your guide to the effective communication so essential to today’s society (and your place in it!) Gain clarity, focus, and power for your messages; learn the secrets of people such as Martin Luther King, Jr, Margaret Thatcher ,... Read More

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Chapter 1: The New Standards of Communication

- 33 minutes

Chapter 2: High Touch in a High-Tech World

- 31 minutes

Chapter 3: Making the Emotional Connection

- 31 minutes

Chapter 4: Winning with Energy, Spontaneity, and Creativity

- 30 minutes

Chapter 5: Building a New Way of Thinking

- 31 minutes

Chapter 6: Create, Cluster, and Compose

- 31 minutes

Chapter 7: Using the Stories of Your Life

- 31 minutes

Chapter 8: Involving People

- 32 minutes

Chapter 9: Seeing is Believing

- 28 minutes

Chapter 10: Leveraging Your Power

- 28 minutes

Chapter 11: Feedback = Your Tool to the Top

- 30 minutes

Chapter 12: Secrets of Successful Communication

- 34 minutes

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