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Vocal Power

By Roger Love
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Category: Success & Motivation
6 hours 44 minutes


Presence, charisma, and star quality lead directly to your state of mind and the way you inhabit your body.

In Roger Love's Vocal Power: Speaking with Authority, Clarity, and Conviction, renowned "influence and vocal power expert" Roger Love, will transform both the way that others perceive you and the way that you perceive yourself. With the vast array of insights, techniques, and exercises... Read More

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Chapter 1: Understanding Influential Communication

- 36 minutes

Chapter 2: Breathing Exercises for Vocal Power

- 24 minutes

Chapter 3: Your Chest, Middle, and Head Voice

- 33 minutes

Chapter 4: The Six Voice Types

- 33 minutes

Chapter 5: The Building Blocks of Voice: Volume and Melody

- 30 minutes

Chapter 6: The Building Blocks of Voice: Pitch, Tone, and Pace

- 26 minutes

Chapter 7: Overcoming Stage Fright for Life

- 24 minutes

Chapter 8: The Inner Sounds of Success

- 27 minutes

Chapter 9: Diet, Myths, Dos, and Don'ts

- 43 minutes

Chapter 10: Physiology, Hand Movement, Body Movement

- 25 minutes

Chapter 11: Essential Extras

- 30 minutes

Chapter 12: Intentional Changes for Intentional Results

- 39 minutes

Chapter 13: Bonus Session

- 43 minutes