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The 9 Golden Keys

By Luanne Oakes
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Category: Mind & Body
6 hours 2 minutes


In her fifth and final program, beloved mentor and author Luanne Oakes gives you an unprecedented “emergency toolkit” you can dip into any time you need to experience or offer healing, revitalize your spirit, or combat negative forces or feelings. This program is also extraordinary in that, for the first time ever, Luanne performed the entire program in the “Sacred Tuning” of 432 hertz,... Read More

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Chapter 1: Life's Universal Treasure Trove

- 1 hours 0 minutes

Chapter 2: Healing the Malillumination of Spirit

- 56 minutes

Chapter 3: Manifesting Healing Molecules

- 1 hours 4 minutes

Chapter 4: Bridging Quantum Physics and Spirituality

- 1 hours 1 minutes

Chapter 5: The Golden Keys of Freedom, Abundance, and Grace

- 1 hours 2 minutes

Chapter 6: Bonus: The 'Whole Again' Frequency Treatment

- 1 hours 6 minutes