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Piranha Marketing

By Joe Polish & Tim Paulson
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Category: Business & Sales
8 hours 5 minutes


In Piranha Marketing, famed marketing renegades Joe Polish and Tim Paulson reveal their radically different, consistently proven system for turning any business into a profit-generating machine that operates at full tilt 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This program system has helped thousands of entrepreneurs add millions of dollars to their bottom lines.

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Chapter 1: ELF Marketing: Developing an Easy, Lucrative and Fun Business

- 47 minutes

Chapter 2: How How to Avoid the ''Blind Archery Trap''

- 35 minutes

Chapter 3: Autopilot Advertising that Delivers Big Money: Recorded Message ''Hotlines''

- 25 minutes

Chapter 4: Autopilot Advertising that Delivers Big Money: Voice Broadcasting

- 22 minutes

Chapter 5: The Customer Conversion System

- 50 minutes

Chapter 6: The Happy Client Experience

- 29 minutes

Chapter 7: The Champion Creator

- 25 minutes

Chapter 8: The No Maintenance Money Machine: Consumer Awareness Guides

- 31 minutes

Chapter 9: The Margin Magnifier

- 53 minutes

Chapter 10: The Lifetime Value Creator

- 32 minutes

Chapter 11: The Testimonial Tidal Wave

- 34 minutes

Chapter 12: The Message Multiplier System: Conducting Teleseminars

- 31 minutes

Chapter 13: The No Slow Time System

- 36 minutes

Chapter 14: Hot Topics: An Interview with Joe Polish and Tim Paulson

- 43 minutes