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Secrets of Successful Self-Employment

By Paul & Sarah Edwards
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Category: Business & Sales
6 hours 13 minutes


Moving from Paycheck Thinking to Profit Thinking! If you’re ready for a change, this program will challenge you to make powerful mental shifts that will change your thinking from someone who depends on a regular paycheck to someone who lives and thrives off profits. You’ll be prepared for the success of entrepreneurship as you learn concrete tips, practical examples, and sound advice for... Read More

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Chapter 1: Making the Mental Leap to Independence

- 37 minutes

Chapter 2: Building a New Sense of Security

- 30 minutes

Chapter 3: Making Sure You Shine

- 35 minutes

Chapter 4: Generating Solid Results

- 29 minutes

Chapter 5: Having the Time of Your Life

- 34 minutes

Chapter 6: Getting Your Business to Work for You

- 32 minutes

Chapter 7: Motivating Yourself to Do What Needs to Be Done

- 32 minutes

Chapter 8: Staying Up No Matter What Goes Down

- 37 minutes

Chapter 9: Making Sure You're Taken Seriously

- 26 minutes

Chapter 10: Turning Slow Times Around

- 27 minutes

Chapter 11: Overcoming Obstacles

- 23 minutes

Chapter 12: Surviving Hazards and Enjoying Your Success

- 37 minutes