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Your Hidden Power

By Joe Navarro
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Category: Success & Motivation
4 hours 24 minutes


Effortlessly read and influence your boss’s and customers’ true thoughts and intentions!

Announcing the fastest path to unprecedented business growth

For 25 years, Joe Navarro interrogated career criminals, terrorists, and witnesses for the FBI. As a former agent in counterintelligence working with the most deceptive and untrustworthy people on earth, getting to the truth was a matter... Read More

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Chapter 1: The Four Ways to Influence

- 1 hours 1 minutes

Chapter 2: The Four Imperatives

- 1 hours 10 minutes

Chapter 3: Mirroring and Matching Your Nonverbal Intelligence

- 1 hours 15 minutes

Chapter 4: Understanding Nonverbals in Different Cultures

- 1 hours 3 minutes