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How To Be A Great Communicator

By Nido Qubein
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Category: Success & Motivation
3 hours 55 minutes


Communicate Effectively With One Person or Thousands! Real communication is much more than just talking. Once you’ve learned how to be a power communicator, there’s no limit to how far you can go! As a master communicator and teacher, Nido will guide you, step by step, through his tested and proven system.

Become a Power Communicator in Every Area of Your Life!

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Chapter 1: How to Become a Master Communicator

- 26 minutes

Chapter 2: How to Get People to Pay Attention to You

- 21 minutes

Chapter 3: How to Boost Your Audience Response Rating

- 19 minutes

Chapter 4: How to Help People Understand You Through Images

- 19 minutes

Chapter 5: How to Help People Connect Through Stories

- 18 minutes

Chapter 6: How to Break Through Communication Barriers

- 19 minutes

Chapter 7: How to Listen Perceptively

- 20 minutes

Chapter 8: How to Target for Maximum Impact

- 20 minutes

Chapter 9: How to Target Results

- 18 minutes

Chapter 10: How to Give an Effective Speech

- 17 minutes

Chapter 11: How to Put More Power in Your Writing

- 20 minutes

Chapter 12: How to Communicate in the Information Age

- 24 minutes