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Creating Your Heart's Desire

By Sonia Choquette
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Category: Spiritual Growth
6 hours 18 minutes


Fulfill your heart’s desire!
What is your heart crying out for? What has been holding you back from living your dreams? There is a song deep inside you waiting to be sung. You can be the designer of your own glorious future The whole world is ready and waiting to support your desires!

Now you can learn how to jump-start your own “dream team” with Creating Your Heart’s Desire, a... Read More

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Chapter 1: What is Your Heart’s Desire

- 37 minutes

Chapter 2: Bring Your Dreams into Focus

- 27 minutes

Chapter 3: Gain the Support of Your Subconscious Mind

- 33 minutes

Chapter 4: Imagine Your Heart’s Desire

- 34 minutes

Chapter 5: Eliminate Your Obstacles

- 34 minutes

Chapter 6: Be Open to Intuitive Guidance

- 35 minutes

Chapter 7: Choose to Support Your Dream with Love

- 32 minutes

Chapter 8: Surrender Control

- 35 minutes

Chapter 9: Claim Your Dream

- 34 minutes

Chapter 10: Stay True to Your Dream

- 35 minutes

Chapter 11: Meditation for Clearing Your Blocks

- 26 minutes

Chapter 12: Meditation for Visualizing Your Heart’s Desire

- 14 minutes

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