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The Power of Outrageous Marketing

By Joe Vitale
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Category: Business & Sales
8 hours 19 minutes


Use the time-tested secrets of tycoons, titans, and billionaires, to explode your business in 90 days!

Whether your business is large or small, here are the ideas you need to hit the big time
He reveals the 10 secrets used by such outrageous marketers such as PT Barnum, Richard Branson, Madonna, Donald Trump, Houdini, J Paul Getty, Mark Twain, and Martha Stewart, among others

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Chapter 1: The Marketing Genius Mindset: The Power of Cross-Promotions

- 39 minutes

Chapter 2: Publicity Secrets: How to Get Attention Through 'Hidden Selling'

- 38 minutes

Chapter 3: The Power of the Press: How to Make Yourself (and Your Business) Famous

- 28 minutes

Chapter 4: Thrills and Chills: What People Will Spend Their Last Nickel On

- 34 minutes

Chapter 5: Advertising Secrets: How to Make Money While Your Sleep

- 34 minutes

Chapter 6: More Advertising Secrets: How to Turbocharge Your Writing

- 39 minutes

Chapter 7: Networking Secrets: How to Meet Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

- 35 minutes

Chapter 8: Negotiating Secrets: How to Get Exactly What You Want- With No Money

- 38 minutes

Chapter 9: Faith: The Secret of Titans for Surviving Disasters and Doing the Impossible

- 46 minutes

Chapter 10: How to Live Forever: Establish Yourself as an Immortal by Writing a Book

- 27 minutes

Chapter 11: Speak and Grow Rich: Developing the Gift of Gab in Public and Private

- 52 minutes

Chapter 12: Putting It All Together: How to Think Like an Audacious Business Giant

- 23 minutes

Chapter 13: Bonus Session 1

- 38 minutes

Chapter 14: Bonus Session 2

- 32 minutes

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