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The Secrets of Power Persuasion

By Roger Dawson
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Category: Success & Motivation
5 hours 55 minutes


Master the power of getting people to see things your way and to do what you want!

The ability to persuade is priceless!

Do you know someone who has an amazing ability to persuade people? That person might be a co-worker who always gets exactly what he or she wants from the company president
We've all encountered someone who can convince and persuade others, almost by magic But it isn't... Read More

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Chapter 1: Track 1- Getting Them to See It Your Way AND Track 2- Do They Believe You?

- 1 hours 4 minutes

Chapter 2: Track 1- Creating an Obligation AND Track 2- Four Key Techniques of Persuasion

- 1 hours 1 minutes

Chapter 3: Track 1- Consistency and Bonding AND Track 2- Verbal Persuasion Techniques

- 1 hours 1 minutes

Chapter 4: Track 1- How to Make People Like You AND Track 2- Developing a Sense of Humor

- 1 hours 0 minutes

Chapter 5: Track 1- Using and Remembering Names AND The Four Stages of Persuasion

- 56 minutes

Chapter 6: Track 1- Persuading Difficult People AND Track 2- Leadership and Persuader

- 1 hours 2 minutes