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Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

By Nick Hall
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Category: Success & Motivation
6 hours 45 minutes


Scientific breakthrough makes it easy to change your life!

In Nick Hall's Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life you'll learn:
- How to connect your goals and objectives to your beliefs in such a way that you take the strides you want and need to change your life
- How stress affects your life, and how you can develop a healthy response to stressful situations
- How to overcome unhealthy... Read More

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Chapter 1: How Beliefs Shape Your Experiences

- 45 minutes

Chapter 2: Using the Belief Challenge Process

- 31 minutes

Chapter 3: How Beliefs Effect Your Emotional Well-Being

- 26 minutes

Chapter 4: Reframing Experiences for Positive Results

- 34 minutes

Chapter 5: The Healing Power of Relationships

- 35 minutes

Chapter 6: The Power to Influence What Happens to You

- 36 minutes

Chapter 7: Skills to Bring About Change

- 31 minutes

Chapter 8: Responding to Belief-Shaped Emotions

- 31 minutes

Chapter 9: How Beliefs Can Effect Your Physically

- 31 minutes

Chapter 10: How Beliefs Effect the Health Food Industry

- 42 minutes

Chapter 11: Dealing with Change

- 30 minutes

Chapter 12: Living the Life You've Always Wanted to Live

- 32 minutes