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Joe Polish is the President of Piranha Marketing, Inc. Most of that success is the result of his discovery and application of direct-response marketing

His integrated advertising, marketing, and business development system has been licensed and adapted for use in over ten industries Polish is much in demand as a speaker, and he has been featured in numerous niche magazines and on television as an advocate against unethical advertising, most recently on ABC's 20/20 Outside of his business, he occasionally consults for clients who want to dramatically improve and reinvent their business.

Tim Paulson is one of the most valuable teachers or speakers you'll ever be exposed to! He is the former Vice President of the gigantic Hair Club for Men where he helped Hair Club grow from 8 offices to 69 offices during the time he was with the company.

He also served as Vice President of Piranha Marketing where he helped teach "ELF" Strategies ("Easy, Lucrative, and Fun") to business owners worldwide Known as 'The Head Coach of Marketing'

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