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Michael Broder is a psychologist, best selling author, speaker, trainer, and coach whose work centers around helping people to bring about change and resolve major life issues in the shortest time possible. Dr Broder has conducted a private practice in Center City, Philadelphia for almost 40 years, where he has treated thousands of individuals and couples in short-term results-oriented psychotherapy. Michael Broder’s other audio programs include Positive Attitude Training one of Nightingale Conant’s all time best selling programs (also with a highly successful Simon and Schuster /Sound Ideas retail version); Self-Actualization: Achieving Your Full Potential, which was the first self help program ever to create action steps for Abraham Maslow’s legendary and pioneering self- actualization theory (also Nightingale Conant), as well as The Therapists Assistant Volumes I and II, designed for use by therapists around the world as an important part of their homework protocol for helping patients/clients between session Dr Broder’s Help Yourself Audiotherapy Program, with audio programs on anxiety, depression, anger, stress management, self-confidence, making major life changes as well as a comprehensive range of relationship topics have sold briskly throughout the English speaking world since 1992.

Titles By Michael Broder