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As a leading personal finance advisor, John Cummuta has inspired America to live debt-free, exponentially grow their savings, and retire rich. He has discovered the simple and straightforward steps to attain personal financial independence no matter how much debt you have or how little income you make.

John Cummuta is the proud creator of multiple bestselling debt elimination and wealth accumulation audio programs from Nightingale-Conant. First, John Cummuta's Transforming Debt into Wealth program has helped more than a million people turn their lives around ' from borrowers with massive debt to savers with massing wealth. This landmark audio program has proven to be a fast-lane escape route for countless former credit-aholics.In addition to this wildly popular program, John Cummuta also authored The Wealth Machine, The Power of Perpetual Income, and The Transforming Debt into Wealth System.

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