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ROBERT PINO is a strategy consultant, executive coach, counselor, and author with over two decades of international business and consulting experience. The International Press describes Robert Pino as “a management thought leader on business strategy” and “an international strategic consultant who offers today’s managers and executives a realistic and remarkably effective alternative to traditional competitive strategies.” Clients call him “the real deal.”

Robert Pino Strategist and Executive Coach Robert Pino has served as key adviser to business and political leaders. As a strategy consultant and management educator, Robert has worked for companies as diverse as Sara Lee, Philips, Nestlé, Unilever, A.T. Kearney, British Petroleum, Heineken, Deloitte, bpost, Coca-Cola, DHL, and Reed Elsevier, as well as significant niche players. Robert Pino holds degrees in business economics and strategy from Erasmus University and has won various prestigious awards on strategy. He has appeared on CNN, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC as an expert in strategy and career issues. Robert has spoken frequently at leading management conferences. The essential role he plays is that of a 'Life Alchemist.'

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