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The Power of Perseverance

By Michael Wickett
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Category: Success & Motivation
5 hours 23 minutes


Become the Architect of Your Future

Have you ever written down a goal? As you were writing it, did you hear two voices in your head?

One voice saying: “That’s it. That’s ridiculous”

The first voice is the positive voice of your dream; the other is the voice of current reality The second voice sees only the present and the past (which no longer exists) but the first sees the... Read More

Free Preview

Chapter 1: Creating a Success-Filled Life

- 26 minutes

Chapter 2: Always Focus on the Positive

- 28 minutes

Chapter 3: Building Belief- the Most Empowering Life Principle

- 28 minutes

Chapter 4: Enlisting a Powerful Support System

- 25 minutes

Chapter 5: Making the Best Choices

- 30 minutes

Chapter 6: Making Great Comebacks

- 26 minutes

Chapter 7: The Power to Live Your Dreams

- 29 minutes

Chapter 8: Following Your Heart

- 25 minutes

Chapter 9: Building Optimism in Every Area of Your Life

- 24 minutes

Chapter 10: Looking Forward with Confidence

- 24 minutes

Chapter 11: Creating a Powerful Purpose for Your Life

- 26 minutes

Chapter 12: Keeping On, Keep Going- a Plan of Action

- 32 minutes