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Quantum Memory Power

By Dominic O'Brien
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Category: Skill Building
6 hours 33 minutes


Develop a quantum memory so powerful, you're like a human computer!

You'll learn to remember names, faces, numbers,birthdays, dates, appointments, or any sequence of numbers you want
I was definitely and categorically not born with a special gift for memorizing vast amounts of information Yes, I am the current and seven times World Memory Champion, and I am in the record books for... Read More

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Chapter 1: Introduction- the Three Keys to Quantum Memory Power

- 30 minutes

Chapter 2: The Journey Method

- 32 minutes

Chapter 3: Never Forget Another Name or Face

- 28 minutes

Chapter 4: The Wonderful World of Mnemonics

- 22 minutes

Chapter 5: The Dominic System- the Language of Numbers

- 30 minutes

Chapter 6: Remembering Speeches, Quotes and Acing a Job Interview

- 28 minutes

Chapter 7: Your Mental Diary, the Mental In-Tray

- 21 minutes

Chapter 8: Learning How to Learn

- 23 minutes

Chapter 9: Remembering Words and Their Meanings, Spelling

- 22 minutes

Chapter 10: More Quantum Memory Power Exercises: Remembering Songs, Movies and Winning at Blackjack

- 24 minutes

Chapter 11: How to Become a Walking Calendar

- 23 minutes

Chapter 12: Developing a Photographic Memory/Remembering Directions

- 25 minutes

Chapter 13: Advanced Quantum Memory Power: Mastering Your Brain Waves

- 22 minutes

Chapter 14: Testing Your Quantum Memory Power/Time Travel

- 19 minutes

Chapter 15: How to Memorize a Deck of Cards and a Long Line of Numbers

- 26 minutes

Chapter 16: Training with the World Memory Champion

- 20 minutes

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Quantum Memory Power Workbook