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The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

By George Silverman
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Category: Business & Sales
7 hours 31 minutes


Harness the Most Powerful, Persuasive Force in the Marketplace - 'Word of Mouth' ... and Watch Sales Grow Exponentially! People are already talking about your company. But are their words repelling people? Or spurring a stampede of new customers your way? Most entrepreneurs think word of mouth is out of their control. But what if you could harness this powerful, influential force — to get... Read More

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Chapter 1: The Power and Speed of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

- 1 hours 16 minutes

Chapter 2: Powerful Techniques to Get People to Talk About You

- 55 minutes

Chapter 3: Motivating People to Word-of-Mouth

- 41 minutes

Chapter 4: The Word-of-Mouth Methodologies

- 1 hours 0 minutes

Chapter 5: More Word-of-Mouth Methodologies

- 59 minutes

Chapter 6: Some Final Methodologies and Researching Word-of-Mouth

- 1 hours 0 minutes

Chapter 7: Building a Powerful Word-of-Mouth Campaign

- 34 minutes

Chapter 8: My Father's Drugstore / 28 Secrets of Word-of-Mouth Marketing (Full CD)

- 1 hours 6 minutes

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