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Talent Rules!

By Lou Adler
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Category: Business & Sales
6 hours 9 minutes


Using Performance-Based Hiring to Build Great Teams Discover the hiring secrets for building a strong, powerful, profitable team … one person at a time! Almost everyone involved in the hiring process understands why it is so critical to find the very best candidate for a particular job. But few understand how to do it. People base hiring decisions on gut reaction or on a largely irrelevant set... Read More

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Chapter 1: Talent Rules! Its a New Game

- 1 hours 7 minutes

Chapter 2: Creating a Job Description that Attracts Top Talent

- 1 hours 10 minutes

Chapter 3: Conducting an Interview that Assesses Top Performers

- 1 hours 15 minutes

Chapter 4: Sourcing, Recruiting, and the New Technologies

- 1 hours 0 minutes

Chapter 5: Secrets to Passive Candidate Recruiting

- 54 minutes

Chapter 6: Powerful Closes that Work

- 44 minutes

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